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You bring the 🧠. We bring the ⚡.

Hello, happy new year and all that jazz 🎷

For this week only - your 'Sunday Supplement' brain bulletin is going to be a bit different.

As you’ll know, from all the scientific content you’ve been reading over the last year - we’ve been hard at work, developing our first product, ready to release them to the world.

And, as of tomorrow, we’re going into public beta (with a proper launch coming later this year), which means that Heights will be available to all.

No codes, passwords or big discounts anymore folks.

So, with that in mind - we thought it was a good moment to explain what the 'Smart Supplement' actually is, and what you can expect if you subscribe.

(If you’re just in this for the neuroscience and recipes, bear with us - business as usual next week).

We don’t make them like they used to.

When we started researching vitamins, we learned that most were packed with shit (sorry mum) like caking agents to bind them together, stuff you definitely wouldn't choose to put in your body.

Most brands only put the bare minimum in, often way off the mark from the amount that has any impact, cutting corners everywhere to save costs.

They also use cheap capsules that break down before they hit your bloodstream - rendering them mostly useless.

It's stuff like that which gives supplements a bad rep - we're here to change that!

That might be fine for the last decade, but we believe in transparency and quality.

So with us, what you see is what you get.

Here's what's inside ours.

More about our clever capsules

We’re more than just a pill

As well as getting your 'Smart Supplements' through the post every month, as a Heights subscriber you’ll also be part of our community of 'trend-setters', 'go-getters', and 'stay-betters', all dedicated to putting their brains first.

Brain health is about more than just nutrition, it’s about optimising the wellness and performance of your brain in every way, in all aspects of your life.

So, we’ve developed clever content to help you do just that.

I believe when people feel better, they live more.

When people put their brains first, the rest is sure to follow, which is why I’m committed to the Heights philosophy, & proud to contribute in any way that can help our tribe thrive.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, Chief Wellness Officer

Meet the brains

You’ll have exclusive access to articles, exercises and brain-healthy habits developed with the best brains in the business to help you achieve more, learn better, get in flow and set goals to reach your heights.

Some exclusive content you can expect includes;

  • How to manage stress with our Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee - international best seller, and host of the UK’s leading health podcast
  • Sleep solutions with sleep scientist, Dr Sophie Bostock
  • Changing your mindset to manifest your ideal future

Fancy a sneak peek?

Here’s a 10 minute exercise to look at your priorities, and find out if you’re actually focusing your attention in the right places:

Think of our team as your personal brain coach.

We're here to get you there.

Reviews from the first members of our tribe

Sophie Scott
Founder & Editor, Balance Magazine

"I've replaced most of my old vitamins for Heights now... I feel fresher, more alert and sleep better, & I love that I don't need to take it with food so I remember to take them first thing."

Jonathan Petrides
Co-founder & CEO, allplants

"It feels great having both my brain food and extra supplements all rolled into a righteous hit at the start of the day. Also got that sweet B12 for my plant-based diet."

Renee Elliott
Founder, Planet Organic

"I have a pretty encyclopaedic knowledge of the vitamin landscape having sold them in Planet Organic stores for years, but Heights is so good I've bought 5 subscriptions - so my husband and 3 kids don't miss out either!"

Laura Moore
CEO, Nell Health

"I didn’t appreciate the importance of brain health until I saw the difference it made, weirdly it’s not something you think of every day, even though I'm in healthcare! I focus for longer, sleep better and feel less ‘brain fog’ during the day, heights is now a key part of my morning routine."

Ladi Greenstreet
Venture Capital, Accenture Healthcare

"It's only been 6 weeks and I'm already definitely feeling the benefits - I need to be sharp and on top of my game the whole time, it's helping me do just that".

Final Thoughts

That's that folks. We don't believe in sales pitches, we simply believe in encouraging people to prioritise the most important organ in their body.

We talk a big game about January, and what we want to change, the truth is - the only way it will happen, is by putting our #brainfirst.

The question is, are you going to be one of the first people to experience what happens to your health, focus, happiness and success by doing that this year, or wait for others to do it first?

We aren't promising miracles - this doesn't work unless you do.

But what we do promise - is if we do the work together, great things will happen.

So - forget "new year, new me" - it's the same you, just getting your priorities straight.

We've only got 20 '25% off lifetime discount codes' left to share - so reply to the email to get one

See you next week for business as usual,