Science and Wellness Advisory Board

Our team believe a healthier brain is the key to a happier life.

It's not just about smart supplements and clever content, it's what you do with it that counts.

Our team is made up of Europe's leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, wellness, nutrition, behaviour change and technology, working together to elevate our tribe to achieve their potential and reach their heights.

We're here, to get you there.

The brainpower behind your brainpower

The brainpower behind your brainpower

Dr Tara Swart
Chief Science Officer

Formulating our product & setting the direction, Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscientist, leadership adviser, award-winning author and a medical doctor. She has worked with leaders all over the world to help them achieve mental resilience, and lectures at MIT and King's College.

With her PhD in neuropharmacology & obsession with peak performance she sets the standard for others to follow.

Why I joined Heights

“Everything about the Heights philosophy and how we combine nutrition with neuroscience is at the heart of what I’ve believed in throughout my career and I can’t wait for us to elevate our community’s potential together”

Greg Detre

Entrepreneur, Neuroscientist

Greg trained as a computational neuroscientist at Princeton, studying human forgetting, and mind-reading using machine learning and brain imaging.

He co-founded Memrise, now the second-largest language learning app in the world.

He helps us create simple digital experiences that nudge you in the right direction on the path to brain gains.

Sophie Medlin


Sophie Medlin is a registered dietitian and a spokesperson for evidence based nutrition.

Sophie helped us formulate our product using her experience working in hospitals and clinics where she regularly diagnosed and treated nutritional deficiencies.

She's one of the UK's leading respected dietitians who ensures you get everything you need, nothing you don't, in our clean and sustainable smarter supplement.

Dr Megan Rossi

PhD, Gut Health Doctor

The gut - brain connection is essential to understand if you're serious about thriving.Dr Megan Rossi (The Gut Health Doctor) is considered one the most influential gut health specialists internationally.

A practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist for the last decade with an award-winning PhD in gut health, she's on board to help you make the right calls to think straight.

Dr Sophie Bostock

PhD, Sleep Scientist

Your brain is at it's best when it's had it's rest - we share the science on sleep with our chief sleep scientist, Dr Sophie Bostock.

She is best known as 'The Sleep Scientist', on a personal mission to help people sleep better and live longer. She's one of our key contributors - creating stimulating content that, for once, is designed to send you to sleep.

Alain De Botton

Philosopher, Writer, Entrepreneur

Alain is the founder of the School of Life and shares a common passion with the team here at Heights - his brain is his greatest asset, and he is motivated to ensure our tribe look after theirs like he does his.

Widely respected and recognised for his unique and powerful insights into how to be human in modern society, he joins to coach you through all things related to understanding 'social connection' and it's impact on your brain.

Natalia Bojanic

Meditation & Mindfulness Maestro

Neuroscience shows us the impact that mindfulness, meditation and a regular practice of gratitude can have on the brain. Natalia is a teacher and expert with a key focus on the science behind it's benefits.

She is also an entrepreneur with plant based nutrition company, Form and shares the multiple benefits and simple ways that being mindful can improve your long term brain health and daily cognitive performance.

Laura Sugden

Copywriter & Health Coach

After 10 years of writing in the wellness industry, with roles including crafting the tone and comms for lululemon; Laura finally quit the 9 - 5 to train as a holistic health coach.

As well as coaching, she now freelance writes for wellness brands and magazines - helping them to communicate the science behind the facts, and reach an everyday audience with her trademark no-nonsense style. She helps us research and write a lot of the content designed to inform you and help you reach your Heights.

Meet Dan & Joel

Meet Dan & Joel

Friends since they were little, serial entrepreneurs, Heights is a culmination of years of professional and personal growth.

Dan's personal experience curing his chronic anxiety and 5 month long insomnia with nutrition & supplements sparked the idea to start writing a brain health newsletter & share the science behind how the brain works in clear, simple English.

Meanwhile Joel, with his fascination of 'flow states' was experimenting with a ketogenic diet and 3 day water fasts, all in search of perfect productivity.

They embarked on a mission to make their brains better, and build a tribe for people who cared about their brains too, sharing their passion and building a team of experts to help them reach their heights, together.

We exist to make you think

We believe in a world where everyone can access nourishment that elevates their cognitive performance and human potential.

That's why we're starting a movement encouraging people to put their #brainfirst.

After all, why stall at a 6 out of 10 when you've got the potential to be thriving at 11?

It's time to reach your Heights.

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