Level up your WFH game.

Level up your WFH game.

Introducing Heights for Slack.

An integrated mental wellness app to remind you to engage in healthy habits which are so easily forgotten when you’re quarantined at home. Developed alongside top wellness experts and fellow entrepreneurs, the app gives you the resources you need to perform at your peak (yep, even if you're working from the living room in your pants).

Heights for Slack automatically starts a conversation with each team member and sends the following messages on weekdays:

🤓 Virtual Neuron Nourishment

A daily (08:00) recommendation of a #brainfirst article, video, or podcast all about cognitive health, mental wellness, tapping into your potential, and reaching your heights - to kick off the day.

💪 Brain Snacks 

A lunchtime (12:30) productivity and focus tip to keep you performing at your peak even through the afternoon slump.

And it also responds to the following commands, whenever, wherever you are in Slack:

🎧 Mind Music (/focus)

Access to on-demand Mind Music - a curated collection of every-flavour playlists, perfect for when you need to get shit done.

🙏 Stress Busters (/relax)

A huge array of quick, on-demand stress-busting activities you can do at your desk from pros like Jay Shetty, Dr Tara Swart, and Dr Rangan Chatterjee.


Heights for Slack manages data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and you get help any time by asking slack@yourheights.com.