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Hit decisions with all the feels

Why is it that the most logical decisions are often the hardest - even when you’re channeling your inner Leonard Nimoy? Because all decisions, even ones that seem clear cut, are emotional.

This week’s science is from a 90s study by neuroscientist, Antonio Damasio (click here for his own take on this whole emotions make better decisions thing) - it may be retro, but it's still super interesting.

He studied people without amygdalas (the emotion-generation part of the brain), and found that they were ​unable to make decisions. They could see logically what they should do, but found it very tough to make even a simple decision, like what to have for lunch.

Mmm. Lunch. What about the amygdala then?

Well, these findings show that, even with a seemingly logical decision - without tapping into our emotions, we can’t bring ourselves to take the plunge and choose.

It’s all emotional, baby.

This study lead Damasio to come up the Somatic Marker Hypothesis- one of the most influential theories of emotion from the last few decades (see, told you that 90s research was totes still relevant).

Somatic markers are instinctive emotional reactions based on previous experiences with similar situations. These reactions narrow down your options, which are then processed more thoroughly before a final decision is made.

So, somatic markers increase the efficiency and accuracy of decision making. Following Damasio’s theory, without this emotional input, decision making would be pretty much impossible - it would simply take too long to sift through all the options.

Ok, got it - can’t make a choice without feelings. So, what?

Think about if you’re trying to convince someone of something, or present your solution as the obvious choice. Using the Somatic Marker Hypothesis, you know that you won’t get the result you want through presenting logic alone. So, take them on a journey - tap into their emotions, and make yours a solution that feels good, as well as makes sense.

Find decisions a strug-fest, emotional or otherwise? Check out this fan-favourite article from a few weeks ago to get those choice muscles flexing.

Make good decisions, tribe.

FOR THE NERDY: Decisions are totes emosh


Summer trout with pea shoot, strawberry and avocado salad

This week’s quick summer dinner is from Nutritional Scientist, Toral Shah- founder of @theurbankitchen. It’s light, delicious and nutritious and, if you’re feeling a bit swish, it’s also perfect with a cheeky glass of rosé. Hey, we’re all about balance here.

“This seasonal low-carb meal makes the most of strawberries, basil and pea shoots which are all at their peak and full of nutrients in the late summer. Trout contains omega 3 fish oils which can reduce inflammation and prevent cancer, and the pea shoots are high in all water soluble vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2 and B6 and vitamin C.”


Why is it good for my brain?

As Toral pointed out, (cos she’s awesome), trout is high is omega 3, an essential fatty acid that makes up the cell membranes in your brain - it’s also low on the mercury list, so that’s a bonus. **Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat**, which can help to lower the high blood pressure linked to cognitive decline; and strawberries contain anthocyanin, which helps to improve memory and focus.

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Final Thoughts

As we set the sun on Dawn and start our ascent as a brand to reach new heights - I hope as many of you stay curious in the coming weeks to see what we have in store for you. It feels relevant that I've returned from Burning Man where the theme was "Metamorphosis" and that is indeed what we are doing here, creating a brand that can help our customers develop new skills whilst optimising their brain's health and reach their potential.

We've changed our instagram over to @yourheights - and so head on over to take a peek at our evolving journey from this point onwards. Some of you have been reading for almost a year, others are new, but for us, right now, marks day 1 of Heights and we cant wait to have you come along for the ride.

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