Sunday Supplement
Issue 120
Hi there,
It’s Joel - the other Co-Founder you haven’t heard quite so much from! 👋

A few weeks ago, my co-founder Dan sent round an email about his troubles with anxiety and insomnia. It connected with a lot of people, so I wanted to share a bit about my journey too. Here goes.

I’ve always wanted to succeed, but focus has always been the problem. As a kid, I could do things without trying (yeah, I was one of those), which was great at the time, but meant I never needed to learn how to concentrate. As I got older, it became clear that ability without focus won’t get you anywhere, and I struggled to fulfil my potential.

At university, I left everything to the last minute, relying on Pro Plus and Red Bull to get me through. Artificial stimulants did their job, but huge crashes followed the highs. Work was the same, and things got worse. I once stayed up three nights in a row for a deadline, then couldn’t leave my bed for two days. I was in a spiral of overstimulation and exhaustion.

It was demoralising, and frustrating. I knew I could achieve more, but I kept getting distracted.

Obviously, bingeing on caffeine pills wasn’t the answer. I tried a few natural alternatives, like ginkgo and guaraná, but they were quick fixes. I needed to solve the problem for good—find something that helped sustain my focus consistently, without the peaks and troughs.

So when my friend Dan told me about the benefits of brain nutrition, I was hooked. I wanted to reach my potential long-term, in a sustainable, balanced way. But actually getting the nutrients seemed impossible. I’ve got nothing against blueberries, but a whole punnet* every day? On top of seeds, greens, and seaweed? It wasn’t happening. I needed a supplement.

And that’s why we started Heights.

I learned the hard way there’s no magic pill or shortcut. Give your brain the right nutrients, build a habit, and go from there. I take the Smart Supplement every day, and if you’ve ever struggled with focus, like I did, you might find it helpful too. Just knowing I’m looking after my brain puts me at ease. Less distraction, more control.

Now I just need to conquer my procrastination, and I can really get started.

Before I sign off, I also want to invite you to a live recording of the Braincare podcast—how to focus and become Indistractable, with behavioural design expert Nir Eyal. Obviously, I love every episode, but this one feels particularly relevant. It’s on Wednesday, and tickets are free—you can get them here.

Back to the regular newsletter next week.

See you then,
Joel Freeman
27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX