Sophie Medlin

Major Functions

Essential nutrient that the body can’t produce or store - Creation of DNA - Immunity - Growth and development

In every dose

5mg (equal to a whole lobster or 2 oz of pumpkin seeds)

Fighting Talk

Studies have shown that symptoms of depression and low mood can be improved by zinc supplementation for some people, and it has seen positive results when trialled alongside antidepressants to improve efficacy.

What’s in it for my brain?

Zinc is known to be helpful for spatial memory - e.g. your recollection of the environment around you. It also helps with normal brain function, and a deficiency in zinc may result in issues with attention span, activity, neuropsychological behavior and motor development.

Fringe benefits

Vital for making new cells and enzymes

Important for metabolising macronutrients (carbs, fat and protein)

Wound healing and collagen formation and maintenance

Plays well with

Lots of things in our diet make it harder to absorb zinc, so taking it in supplement form can ensure your levels are topped up.

Clever stuff

Some child mental health issues can be traced back to low levels of zinc during pregnancy, so getting enough zinc might be able to help prevent mental health disorders in kids.

For the nerdy