Vitamin E

Sophie Medlin

Major Functions

Antioxidant - Memory - Immunity

In every dose

30mg (equal to 7oz of hazelnuts)

Fighting Talk

Vitamin E is shown to protect from cognitive decline and memory loss, and promote proper function of the central and peripheral nervous system.

What’s in it for my brain?

Antioxidants are essential for brain health as they fight free radicals caused by oxidative stress which can cause cells to age. These are chemical reactions which occur naturally in the body, but everyday environmental stress like pollution, and lifestyle factors like exercise, smoking and drinking all lead to an increase in oxidative stress and increase our requirements for antioxidants

Fringe benefits

Helps maintain healthy skin and eyes

Important for immune function

Plays well with

Taking vitamin E with fish oil (like omega 3) will support its absorption into the blood stream

Clever stuff

Because it’s fat-soluble, any vitamin E that your body doesn’t use immediately is stored for future use.

For the nerdy

Here’s a handful of relevant scientific studies on vitamin E. 

Science moves faster than we do, but we’re updating these lists as often as we can.

Our smart supplement has been developed to let your brain thrive.