Vitamin A

Sophie Medlin

Major Functions

Normal growth and development of tissues - Immunity - Vision

In every dose

500IU (equal to 2 boiled eggs or 2 cups of baked beans)

What’s in it for my brain?

Beta carotene may improve cognitive function; one 18-year study of more than 4,000 men linked long-term beta carotene supplementation to the slowing of cognitive decline.

Fringe benefits

It helps to maintain a healthy immune system

Supports vision in dim light (carrots really do help you to see in the dark!)

It keeps skin and mucous membranes like inside the nose healthy

Plays well with

All immune boosting nutrients

Vitamin B2 for eye health

Clever stuff

Our bodies make vitamin A by converting its precursor, beta carotene into the active form. Beta carotene is the compound that is responsible for the orange colour of carrots.

For the nerdy

Here’s a handful of relevant scientific studies on vitamin A.

Science moves faster than we do, but we’re updating these lists as often as we can.