Thiamine (B1)

Sophie Medlin

Major Functions

Essential, water-soluble vitamin - Processing food into energy - Needed by every tissue in the body

In every dose

30mg (equal to 20 bowls of fortified cereal or 100 mussels)

Fighting Talk

Untreated thiamine deficiency, (although this is rare) could result in delirium and brain damage and higher risks of depression. It’s also being tested, with promising results on the cognitive function of Alzheimer’s patients.

What’s in it for my brain?

Thiamine is needed for normal brain and nervous system function, and could play an important role in mental health.

Fringe benefits

Essential for energy release 

Used by every cell in the body 

Plays well with

B1 is available through diet, but mostly from animal sources, so those on a plant-based diet benefit from supplementation. To optimise the release of energy, it’s best to consume B1 with other B vitamins.

Clever stuff

In a study that supplemented thiamine alongside antidepressants, symptoms were alleviated faster.

For the nerdy

Our smart supplement has been developed to let your brain thrive.