Sophie Medlin

Major Functions

Antioxidant - Metabolism - Thyroid function

In every dose

55mcg (equal to 1 Brazil nut or a can of sardines)

Fighting Talk

Reducing oxidative stress can protect against cognitive decline, which can lead to Alzheimer’s and mood disorders such as depression.

What’s in it for my brain?

Selenium’s powerful antioxidant properties can help to  prevent cell damage and oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

Fringe benefits

Essential for thyroid function

Antioxidant properties throughout the body

Plays well with

Iodine and Selenium work well together as they are both needed for thyroid function.

It also works well with other antioxidant vitamins (like vitamin E). Best dietary source is Brazil nuts, which aren’t commonly consumed.

Clever stuff

A study on young adults found that low or excessively high blood levels of selenium resulted in higher risk of depressive symptoms than in people with healthy levels.

For the nerdy

Our smart supplement has been developed to let your brain thrive.