Our Mental Health Relationship with Food with Rhiannon Lambert (episode 6)


Rhiannon Lambert says we're all on a food journey. Rhiannon is registered nutritionist and master practitioner who works with eating disorders, obesity, risks and prevention. Despite the different manifestations of these conditions, they all stem from the same place: our mental health relationship with food.

An unhealthy relationship with food

On today's Working In, Rhiannon explains the complex way that societal pressures influence the way we see food: whether it's Instagram selfie-culture, or being called out for sneaking an extra helping. It results in an unhealthy relationship with food.

"It's the language that we use to one another that needs to be reprogrammed. We almost need to start all over again but it's so ingrained in cultures and societies."

Improve your relationship with food

Pop-science nutritionists have given us conflicting evidence over the years, so no wonder we're scratching our heads over what's actually good for us! Rhiannon shares her insights on the value of a balanced diet (and what one actually looks like).

"There are these cogs are there to make the world go round. If you take one out, something's going to give."

Podcast Episode Takeaways

In this first episode with Rhiannon Lambert we will cover:

  • The food stories we tell ourselves
  • How our upbringing affects our relationship with food
  • How to improve our relationship with food
  • Why your blood-brain barrier loves a carb-protein combo
  • How good fats boost our happy hormones
  • Advice for feelings of anxiety around food
  • Why our mental health relationship with food is about more than nutrition

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