Ladi Greenstreet - Tribe Triumphs

Laura Clarke, Wellbeing & Health Coach

Who are you?

Ladi Greenstreet

What do you do?

I am the UK & Ireland head of Ventures for Accenture and try to use my position to create a better world.

What's your favourite motivational/meaningful quote?

My daily mantra: “Do good and good things will happen”

What's one of your proudest achievements?

To this day, I am most proud of the results I achieved as a teacher in an underperforming inner-city school.

What is/are one/some of your biggest challenge(s)?


What heights are you trying to reach right now?


What's your top tip, for keeping your brain in tip top shape?

Exercise daily.

Meditate often.

Eat as if you had to process the food yourself.

What are the 3 favourite things in your life right now?(food/app/book/etc)

1. Kindle

2. Philips Hue lights

3. Crepes