Sophie Medlin

Major Functions

Thyroid hormones - Maintenance of metabolism - Cognitive function

In every dose

150mcg (equal to 2 cups of yogurt or 6 slices of fortified white bread)

What’s in it for my brain?

Brain scans in people with iodine deficiency have shown that structures within the brain such as the hippocampus and neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain) are affected by iodine deficiency. It’s widely recognised that Iodine contributes to normal cognitive function; the exact mechanism is unclear, but it’s thought to be related to gene expression.

Fringe benefits

Iodine helps to make thyroid hormones, which control our metabolic rate

Essential for optimal fertility

Plays well with

Selenium for thyroid function 

Folate for women trying to conceive 

B12 and other B vits for those on plant-based diets

Clever stuff

Iodine is especially important in foetal and childhood development, as it is essential for thyroid hormone synthesis, which is important in normal brain development. A trial of 310 mildly deficient school children found that iodine supplementation in people who are deficient improved information processing, fine motor skills and problem solving.

For the nerdy

Here’s a handful of relevant scientific studies on iodine.

Science moves faster than we do, but we’re updating these lists as often as we can.

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