Sophie Medlin

Major Functions

Insulin efficiency - Fat metabolism

In every dose

100mcg (equal to 10 cups of broccoli or a 9lb turkey breast)

What’s in it for my brain?

There is some emerging evidence to suggest that chromium, alongside conventional treatments (i.e. antidepressants), may help to alleviate symptoms of depression.

Fringe benefits

Chromium affects the way that insulin behaves in our body 

Improves energy utilisation from food

Plays well with

B vitamins for energy release

Clever stuff

Chromium plays a role in DNA synthesis and gene expression, meaning it helps the process of turning an instruction into a function or a product, e.g. a protein.

For the nerdy

Here’s a handful of relevant scientific studies on chromium.

Science moves faster than we do, but we’re updating these lists as often as we can.

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